NodeJS using MongoDB and Mongoose

MongoDB instalation: MongoDB overview and setup 

In this article I will give the first steps in order to connect NodeJS to MongoDB.

1 - First you need to install the following modules:

CIFS as a VirtualBox Shared folder alternative

The VirtualBox shared folder is a good solution when you don't need to map your files to a webserver.

I did a benchmark in my local web server and I got this:

MongoDB overview and setup

MongoDB is one of the solutions to solve some problems related to Scalability and High Traffic applications.

REST Webservices overview

REST Overview
- REST: Representational State Transfer
- Allow responses em different formats, often these responses are JSON (Javascript Object Notion) and XML
- Has resources that we can consume, often a database or file
- Resources accept differents request verbs: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE...these verbs are used for CRUD.
- Typically a response will have 2 meaningfull information: body and status code

Solr Application Development Tutorial

Very good material about Lucene/Solr presented by Erik Hatcher, Lucid Imagination.

Hope it help you
good luck =)

Hardening SQL+ HTML5

Securing an application is something that we need to keep in mind since the begin of conception of the application, I've seen many articles but I really liked these 2 presentations from Krzysztof Kotowicz and would like to share:

Fix: Request header field Content-Type is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers

Recently I've faced some problems with AJAX calls when using Backbone.js and Zepto.js, to fix this issue I added some information to headers: Access-Control-Allow-Origin, Access-Control-Allow-Methods and Access-Control-Allow-Headers.

Image upload in CakePHP 2.0

Hi, a new release of CakePHP is available, It's 2.0, there are a lot of changes you can have a look here:

Drupal - How to theme login block

Hello there!

Today I am talking about the login customization.

Here you are the steps:

1 - Create a new block called login.

2 - Add the following code:

PHP Late Static Binding

One of the new features in PHP 5.3 is the Late Static Binding in special the new keyword static.
Static is similar to self except it refers to the invoked instead of the containing class.



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